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The Mount Ousley interchange has been designed to improve safety for road users by separating light and heavy vehicles, improve travel time and efficiency for all motorists, support growing freight movements, and improve access to and from the M1 Princes Motorway and Wollongong CBD.

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for the project was completed and placed on public display in 2017 with the project’s Submission Report published in April 2018.

Following this, an Addendum Review of Environmental Factors was prepared to document the potential environmental impacts of early utility works outside of the original REF proposal area. You can view the REF and Submissions Report on the project website.

During 2023, refinements were made to the scope and design to ensure the project achieve a value for money solution which delivered core project objectives.

Fulton Hogan has been awarded the contract to design and build the Mount Ousley interchange project. Early work is underway with major work planned to start in late 2024.

Improving traffic flow
Better and more
reliable trips
Improving safety
freight growth
Improving pedestrian and cycle connectivity
Easing congestion

Project objectives

The core objectives of the project include:

  • Improving safety by addressing conflicting movements and the interaction between light and heavy vehicles

  • Improving travel time and efficiency for vehicles travelling on this length of the M1 Princes Motorway

  • Providing for the growing freight task including supporting the expanding port at Port Kembla

  • Enhancing accessibility to and from the M1 Princes Motorway and the Wollongong CBD.

Project features

Key features of the project include:

  • A heavy vehicle bypass lane for southbound travel, separating light and heavy vehicles

  • Separate off ramps for southbound light and heavy vehicles exiting the M1 Princes Motorway

  • Two heavy vehicle safety ramps

  • A bridge over the M1 Princes Motorway with signalised intersections connecting the M1 Princes Motorway, Mount Ousley Road and the new access road to the University of Wollongong

  • A commuter car park

  • A roundabout that provides access to the M1 Princes Motorway and the University access road

  • A shared path along the bridge over the M1 Princes Motorway and the University access road

  • A southbound access road between Mount Ousley Road and University Avenue

  • A pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the southbound access road

  • A shared path connecting to the existing path from Helen Street, and upgrades to the shared path adjacent to TAFE NSW Wollongong.